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Could you correct my essay?

How is your life during COVID-19? I hope you all are healthy. In Kobe, Japan, the state of emergency was lifted on 21 May and we are allowed to move between prefectures from 19 June. My university, however, still keep online classes till the end of August, so students do not go to the campus and stay home all day long. We are forced to take classes online as much as half a year. This is something that cannot be helped, but I do not think that learning through online courses is more effective than learning in the traditional classroom setting.

First, there has still been quite a lot of technical problems in online classes. We often cannot hear each other very well or lose Internet connection halfway through the debate. Due to such errors, the classes don't work out as the teachers have planned, and thus they give us much more tasks than usual.

Second, we have to concentrate on the voice of a speaker all through out the online classes; that’s why online lessons make students tired. Especially in the case of a non-interactive class, it is hard to ask questions among students while the professor is speaking.

Of course, it is not true that online courses do not have any advantages. Our teachers have tried new things such as creating blogpost, online word tests, etc. in order to make our classes effective and meaningful. Also, we can record those classes to look back them. These things, however, are theoretically available to traditional classroom setting; it’s just that we had not done them until now.

Which style of classroom setting do you think is more effective, an online class or a traditional class? I think traditional classroom setting is still better. In online courses, there are still some problems such as unsmooth progress of class and limited conversation on one hand. On the other hand, they have brought new methods of learning during COVID-19. A traditional classroom setting would be more effective by making use of these fruits of online courses.

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