24 Jun 11:25 PM

Question about Simplified Chinese (China)

i’m trying to improve my chinese, but i don’t know that many words. i’ve written a short paragraph. i know that it’s not perfect. please correct this if you can.

今天是美好的一天。我一点晚点醒。上午八点醒。平常我六点十五分醒,但是今天我没做。早这个上午我要锻炼。但是,我太晚点醒。我醒以后我在吃早饭。为早饭吃cereal (i don’t know how to say it in chinese)再次了。今天我也看好多youtube (also don’t know how to say in chinese) 录像了。那个录像很好玩了。我不会懂中文很好,所以这里停了。

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  • Simplified Chinese (China)

  • Simplified Chinese (China)
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  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
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