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Is this correct? Plz teach me!

Some people including me attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities. I insist that there are two reasons to explain it.
First of all, our usually typical life is not interesting. We just go to work, eat something not special and sleep every single day. This kind of life is very boring for some people. The people who like dangerous need some stimulation in their life. During dangerous activities, they can feel alive.
secondly, people who try dangerous activities are so outstanding. This kind of people wish that everyone pay attention and want someone to warry about dangerous situation. Their hearts are like lacked.
Lastly, they would like to be a famous person like legend. If someone try some dangerous activities that nobody has never challenged before, the person can be make a record from it. It makes him/her kind of star all over the world.
In conclusion, I think that some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities because of to get actual feeling of alive, childish personality and ambitious.

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