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Hello, could you correct my text pleaaase?

I liked mornings. Looking at the rising sun, listening the birds singing in the trees and sipping coffee from a huge Christmas mug. I liked being in high school. Planning summer over the entire school year, and being anxious about the back to school over the entire holidays.
I was what is commonly called an introvert but it fortunately did not stop me from living a happy life, full of joy and happiness. It felt so good to be seventeen.
And now, I’m here, on that parking lot… Wondering, what I am going to do. Now that all that is left is myself and those dark thoughts. My eyes can’t resist staring at the sky, it’s beautiful. All dark, with scattered little lights. I can feel de wind playing with my hair. It’s a cold, quiet night. I can’t believe it, they’re all resting in peace all around my feet. They left me alone in this world, full of troubles, pain, suffering surrounded by their inert bodies. The weapon is so heavy. There is all this wind but I can’t breathe, I can’t swallow. What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go?
The universe is so huge but I can’t figure out a place where sinners like me are at peace.

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  • English (US)
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