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Is this perfectly correct? Plz correct me!

Even though some people insist that grades are not motivation for students to learn, I think that encourages students to learn. Grades have some advantages for the following reasons.

First of all, it is used to know the amount of student's effort. Schools usually use the grades to review student's skill and effort. Good score would be regard great by teachers. In addition, the good marks will help to enter the university that they want to go. Therefore getting a good marks can be an aim for students, they do their best for the future.

Secondly, parents like the smart kids. When students get a great score, their parents are may proud of them, they give students some rewards in return. Then, students must feel glad, and they would try to study to get the reward again.

Lastly, a good grade makes student confident. People always compare with others. When students get higher score than others, they feel glad. When students get worse score, they feel bad. So it is easy to feel confidence by a good grade. The feeling will be their pride, they would like to keep it by continue to take the good grades.

In conclusion, I think that good grades motivate students to learn so much because they can get some benefits and confidence from it.

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