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Question about English (US)

Present simple: I watch this serial
Past simple: I watched this serial
Future simple: I’ll watch this serial
Present continuous: I’m watching this serial now
Past simple: I was watching this serial
Future simple: I’ll be watching this serial
Present perfect: I haven’t watched this serial yet
Past perfect: I’d watched this serial
Future perfect: I’ll have watched this serial
Present perfect continuous: I’ve been watching this serial for seven days
Past perfect continuous: I’d been watching this serial before she left
Future perfect continuous: I’ll have been watching this serial for seven days by Sunday.

Passive voice:
Present simple: Thousands of homework is checked every day.
Past simple: The homework was checked yesterday
Future simple: The homework will be checked tomorrow
Present continuous: The homework is being checked now
Past continuous: The homework was being checked
Present perfect: They homework has already been checked
Past continuous: The homework had been checked
Future perfect: The homework will have been checked by tomorrow morning

0- if you watch this serial, you like it.
1-If you go to school, you’ll pass this exam
2- If I have a car, I would drive there
3-If I had helped him, he would have to help me.

Going to or planning
I’m going to buy a new phone soon
I was going to call him
I was going to call him back but I forgot to do it
I'm planning to buy a new house later.

Used to or would
I used to go to school
I would play football with my friends

I have to revise some rules in English.

Thank you guys for your help!
I really appreciate it!
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