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Would you please rewrite this script?
This is for tomorrow's presentation!!

Today, I’m going to talk about office workers' clothes.
I’ll explain about Japan's type of men and ladies' office clothes in summer and winter.
First is summer. In japan, there is the measurement of summer clothes that name is “ COOL BIZ “This word was created by the ministry of the environment, and this word was made by combining the `` cool'' and “ business “. As you heard, Japanese workers' clothes became rough since the cool biz was conducted. I don't know forigh countries clothes issues, but It looks cool and smart from my view. I’m not interested in clothes though.
Second is winter. Some companies require their employees to wear the suits, and in winter the suits should be with a tie and blazer. This pohoto’s man and women are not wearing ties, but maybe this is because they are indoors. But recently Japanese companies have been changing their clothing requirements. Some companies are still required to wear the formal wear, but some companies do not require the clothes discipline.
In conclusion, I talked about summer clothes and winter clothes in Japan, and I think office worker’s clothes are necessary for many workplace, clothes make workers put together to work. And I predict that, now in the world, telework has been replaced from in-person work, so in the future the office worker’s clothes are not necessary. And I suggest that you have to get the knowledge about office workers' clothes because in Japan many people look closely at the clothes, I’m not sure but if the forigh country is in the same situation the knowledge will help you. Thank you.

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