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Q: Should children learn how to manage their own money?

My Answer:

Money is important for us to live. When you buy what you need for your life such as food, clothes, or house, you have to pay money. In this situation, I believe that children in elementary school should learn the way of managing money. When children get into elementary school, they often start to receive pocket money from their parents. So I believe it is a good timing for them to learn money.

When I was 7 years old, my parents started to give me 300 yen per month. My parents told me the importance of money, and said that I should set aside some money for what I really want. I would like to get one book about animals which costed 1000 yen, so I decided to save 200 yen per month. Five months later, I finally get my favorite book. This is my first experience with the idea of monetary value. As a result, I could be an adult who can save money and use it in a planned manner. I am saving some Monet got mu future life after getting married now. If I was not taught the way of managing money in my childhood, I would wast money on everything what I want. In the worst case, I would even get into doubt.

Therefore, I believe parents should teach their children how to manage money and importance of using it in the planed manner. That is definitely useful for your future life.

I am studying for writing test. Please teach me if there is more useful or natural sentence. Thank you in advance : )
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