24 Dec 2013

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Last month my classmate gave an example of a sentence to our teacher in English class. When he submitted the sentence, our teacher said that his sentence was wrong. I'm wondering why it is wrong, so I will post the sentence here that my classmate gave as an example and I will ask a question about it.

His sentence is:

"Did I dreamed that we were perfectly entwined?"

Our teacher said, that this is wrong because "dreamed" should be "dream" only because "Did" was already there. Can I ask why do we need to make it "dream" instead of "dreamed"? Is it because we need only one of them to form a past tense? So if we make the sentence like this:

"Do I dreamed that we were perfectly entwined?"

Is the sentence correct now because we removed "Did" and changed it into "Do" (which is no longer a past form) so we no longer need to change "dreamed" into "dream"?

Can you explain this to me please?

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