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What does turned around mean?

Wizard: Okay, before anything else happens, we gotta get Cerberus back to his station. How do we get to the gates of Tartarus?
DM: The gates are miles and miles out of town, close to the mountains. You’re gonna have to run and lead Cerberus there as quick as you can.
Druid: I explain that to Cerberus.
DM: The big ol’ dog is completely turned around, and kinda distractible. You need something to hold his attention while you lead him back.
Wizard: Like… what, exactly? A stick?
DM: No, something better! A ball! Bard gives you a ball to lead Cerberus with!
Wizard: …Why was Bard carrying a ball in the first place?
DM: She wasn’t, silly! She just has balls of all shapes and sizes stashed all over town. Y’know, in case of ball emergency!
Ranger: We’re approaching critical levels of crazy, here.
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