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Bonjour a tous!!
Can anyone help me translate these sentences into french?
Please, it will really help me improve my french!

1. the ideals we believed in when we were young, does not go well with the era we are living in nowadays.
2. Who would buy this car, which eats up a lot of gasoline?
3. Mathematics, which most students do not feel interest in, is a very useful field of study for us.
4. I do not usually sleep during the day.
5. People wish each other happy new year in the night of December 31st.
6. Did you see this movie? No I did not see it yet.
7. Go tell him this.
8. I got into university in the year 2019.
9. We are getting married one moth from now.
10. I still remember the story he told me.
11. I don’t remember the name of the author of this poem.
12. I don’t remember the name of the author of this particular poem.
(Emphasize “poem” please!)
13. It has been at leat 4 years since I haven’t see him.

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