26 Oct 2020

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Question about English (US)

It's right?
I like pizza, besides that I like pasta.=I like pizza, in addition to I like pasta.=I like pizza, also I like pasta.
Besides-shows another point of view.
In addition to- shows, giving more content information
furthermore- is telling more characteristics, telling different things about one. In addition to is just telling more, telling better about it Moreover=furthermore
So many times I can change besides for in addition to. But there is a little difference in mean.
Ex: He helped her out, besides that he needed money.
- It shows another point of view because he helped her because this, on the other hand, he needed money.

He helped her out, in addition to he needed money.
He helped her out, nice.
But I am saying extra information, why.
Furthermore or moreover I couldn't say in this context.
Also - I think in this context is ok. But really, I am not confident

I like pizza, besides that I like pasta.
I like pizza, on another hand, I like pasta.
in addition to I am telling more info

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