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Hello! I am currently in a Japanese class at my university, and we were asked to upload one of our assignments here to ask for help. Is this correct? Does it sound natural?

八時ぐらい友だちとボストンピザに行った。(At about 8 o'clock I went to Boston Pizza with some friends.) 友だちはイーサンとロブ。(my friends are Ethan and Rob.) イーサンはせがひくいで、ペインティングをすれ人だ。(Ethan is short and is a person who paints.) ロブはぼうしをかぶっているが好きな人だ。(Rob is a person that likes wearing hats.) たくさんおいしい食べものを食べた。(We ate a lot of delicious food.) 今日はすごくたのしかった。(Today was a lot of fun.)

I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks!

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