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Therefore, it's presumed that taking good care of the appearance matters as well.
Having said that, I've been pursuing the matter on the assumption that we can never tell people by their appearances.
Moreover, I've also heard that those who rip people off tend to be more well groomed than ordinary people, as in con man is so.
That is, appearance can be deceiving. So, I'm back to square one.
In conclusion, there might not necessarily be a sole correct answer, in everything.

Does this sentence sound natural?
I'll be grateful for any help you can provide.

(The previous sentence is following.)
It is said that we shouldn't judge people by their appearances.
Assuming that this decision is correct, the bottom line is that people's personalities matter more than their appearances.
However, we can tell what kind of person they really are only after spending some time interacting with them.
Because, generally speaking, we gradually get to know about them as time goes by.
This causes an issue because we have no other choice but to judge people based off our first impressions.

Their achievements, careers, and evaluations from others are all past occurences.
On the other hand, their current appearances reflect what they are like at this very moment.
Let's say here is a very slender and beautiful fashion model.
She probably has been making efforts in daily life to keep in good shape.
The same holds true for bodybuilder.
That is, it could also be said that a person's current appearance is an accurate reflection of that person's present self.
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