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Question about Korean

Can you help correct my letter so far? I am trying to write a letter to my friend.

일단, 손편지를 이렇게 써보고 싶었어.
First off, I wanted to try writing a handwritten letter.

더 친한 느낌이지?
It feels more personal, right?

틀린 게 있었으면 미리 미안.
Sorry in advance if there are mistakes.

***가 내 말을 잘 이해한다는 거 알아서 괜찮아!ㅎㅎ
I know you understand my words well so it's okay.

간식이 궁금하면 나한테 꼭 말해봐.
If you are curious about the snacks, ask me.

다 알려 줄게!
I'll tell you everything.

여러 가지 맛을 찾아봤어!
I wanted to find various flavours.

초콜릿이은 아마 너무 많이 샀어ㅋㅋ
Maybe I bought too much chocolate.

엄마나 친구들이랑 다 맛있게 먹었으면 좋겠어!
I hope you eat them deliciously with your mum or friends.

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