27 Oct 2020

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🔳Would you tell me if the following sentences are correct?

I’ve been learning English from the TV series “Suits.”
The scene I watched the other day went something like this:

Mike is proofing Gregory's briefs in a room in front of a desk. The room seems to be a reference room. Nobody but Mike is there.

He quickly gulps a cup of drink and chomps a chip while working on the proofreading. He presses around his eyes. He seems to be exhausted being up to his ears in work.

Suddenly, Luis shows up in front of Mike.

I was surprised to see Luis suddenly lend his hand to Mike because I was under the impression that Luis was always trying to disturb Mike.
I thought It's a little weird, so I wonder if Luis is up to no good.

☘You don't have to change the sentences just for your preference unless they definitely need to be corrected. Thank you for understanding.☘

🚨 Would you just write down the parts that need to be corrected? If you write down every single sentence in my post from the first sentence till the last one, it is not clear where the target parts are. Thank you for understanding.

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