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Donald was wandering in the beautiful lavender field. He had to meet his lover, Joe, before dawn. Donald finally saw him standing underneath the silver moon and the golden stars that were the only witnesses of their secret love. When Joe noticed Donald, he gently smiled. Oh, Joe... He always had this peaceful look on his dainty face, that look that made Donald fall for him. Joe plucked a flower and offered it to Donald. Joe put his hand onto his beloved boyfriend's cheek and told him: "My beautiful little swan, if only we could flee together... But we have to please our respective supporters. This is the last night before the elections... Tomorrow we'll have to act as if we hated each other, and you know how much I loathe playing that role... Oh baby boy, let's kiss one more time before the sun rises.". Donald nodded quietly and let Joe kiss him. They kissed for hours and Donald couldn't help crying tears of sorrow, because he couldn't live with the man he loves. Joe kept whispering "Oh baby boy, oh my little dove, don't cry, you know that I prefer your bright smile over your sobbing...".

Does that sound natural ?

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