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Question about English (US)

A:Hi! It’s autumn already, right? What are you doing this week?

B:Yes, it's been getting cool recently. This weekend, I have a soccer match on Sunday, so I’m practicing for the game every day with teammates this week. It’s very hard.

A: Wow, really! That’s so good!!

B: There are many foreign people in my team, so I can meet people from diverse countries and I've liked playing soccer. So, it's very fun!!

A:Sounds good!! It is very interesting to play soccer with many foreign people. How was it? Do you think you can play well in the game?

B:Of course. Practice is difficult but everyone is cooperative and there's a good sense of team spirit. I’m looking for the game!!

A: So, you are spending exited and a lot of time with your teammates, right? That’s great!! I hope your team will win!!

B: Thanks. I’ll do my best!! What are you doing this week?

Please correct 🙏

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