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Hi Sophie,
Thank you so much for your email. It's great to hear from you! I've just come back from a visit to the Skanderberg Square – it was fantastic! I had a great time and I highly recommend visiting this place.
Skanderberg Square is huge and many buildings including National Historicy Museum, The Clock Tower, National Opera,etc., are situated at the square. First, we visited The National Historical Museum and we saw the exhibited objects in it. This was my favourite part of the trip– seeing objects that belong to the 4th century B.C, various statues – it was amazing! So if your cousin interested in history, I highly recommend visiting this museum!
Afterwards, at noon, we went for a walk to the Europe Park and relaxed there for like the next ten minutes. The sunset view was amazing: lights were shining and the sky was tinted red as the sun dipped below the horizon. I recommend visiting Skanderberg Square during night time: I think she'll love the Europe Park.

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