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Please, Could you correct and improve this sentence? thank you!

Nevertheless the worst was on that night, we were exhausted by the jet lag and went to sleep, all of a sudden at 3am an alarm went off, at first I thought it was my wife clock alarm, but each time increased, therefore I got up and opened the door. Oh my God!! straing away I noticed a strong smell of fire and a lot of smoke. The hotel was on fire, it was burning. I couldn't believe it! I thought it was a nightmare. my wife jumped of the bed and without though, we dressed and took the passport and money. this was a mistake that could have gone baldy wrong.
Take the lift - said my wife.
Are you crazy? we must use the stairs down - I reply.
we were on the sixth floor and the fire was on the fourth, despite having plenty of smoke the stairs, we were able to go down without hardly danger.

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