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I am a fan of the Norwegian black n' roll band called Kvelertak. Their first album is my favorite, so I'd like to know how to pronounce all the songs on the album. Here are the song names:

1: Ulvetid
2: Mjød
3: Fossegrim
4: Blodtørst
5: Offernatt
6: Sjøhyenar (Havets herrer)
8: Nekroskop
9: Liktorn
10: Ordsmedar av rang
11: Utrydd dei svake

I left out "Sultans of Satan" since the title is already in English.

I'd appreciate it if someone could help me with the pronunciation of these song titles, and maybe even provide the translation.

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  • Norwegian (bokmal)

  • Norwegian (bokmal)
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