24 Nov 2020

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i want to know this is natural or not? please fix it:)

hello mom and dad! it’s been a long time. how you doing? did you spend last night comfortable? for me, I had deep sleep. so I could wake up at 6:30. I know, it’s too early to wake up. haha but it’s one of step to successful. so i’ll keep it up! oh and I’ve been exercising. yoga. have you ever do this? you know, it’s seem to easy. but it isn’t. but sitting on a sit a long time makes me unhealthy and hard. I should go on a diet. i’m getting a weight.
anyway, after work out, I have had a crust of overcooked rice you send. it’s taste right! so i’m satisfied like these. also this flower too. thank you for your treat. I feel like that you aside to me.
this flower makes me remember when we went mountain. if I finish my study I really wanna go there with you. I wish covid-19 will be gone until this year.
and then we’re going to often meet each other.
and last, I have a word to tell you. mom and dad, thank you for growing me.

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