26 Nov 2020

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What is the difference between nobody want her no more and nobody want her any more ?Feel free to just provide example sentences.

A Ryan Seacrest Type: Pop star and child actress, Sarah Lynn, celebrates her 30th birthday this month, raising the question, "does anyone care about Sarah Lynn anymore?" After all, she is 30. Here to answer that question, sexy, 14-year-old dubstep wunderkind, Sextina Aquafina.

Sextina Aquafina: Hey!

A Ryan: Sextina, what's your take?

Sextina: I love Sarah Lynn. I grew up on her music, okay, and she's, like, an inspiration, but now, she is old, and shriveled, and gross, and nobody want her """"no more"""", okay? They want Sextina Aquafina, baby!
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