27 Nov 2020

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Question about English (US)

What does corporate arm mean?

Barbarian: Oh right, that. They have lawyers?
DM: Of course. Even better, their lawyers are just as much heavy-hitting bruisers in the courtroom as the actual flyers are in the air. And that’s a good thing for the Lightnings, given their tendency to cause collateral damage and conduct lawfully questionable operations.
Wizard: But aren’t they a military force? Don’t they have some kind of oversight body?
DM: They used to be monitored by the EUP Oversight Commission. But now there’s a corporate arm of the Lightnings that does most of the governing.
Ranger: That’s… concerning.
DM: Indeed. There were even allegations a few years back of Captain Air being connected to Elusive.
Rogue and Barbarian: Elusive?!
Barbarian: You got your Thieves Guild in my Barbarian Guild!
Barbarian: You got your Barbarian Guild in my Thieves Guild!
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