27 Nov 2020

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Question about English (US)

What does Doom spiral detected! DEPLOYING EMERGENCY HUG!!

Doom spiral detected!

Doom spiral mean?

Barbarian: Who are you guys, exactly?
Cap: The Lightnings.
Barbarian: Yeah, I got that part.
DM: Look, you know the Blue Angels? They’re basically the Emeraldia's version of them.
Barbarian: Stunt flyers?
Cap: We prefer the term “rockstar mercenaries.” We perform for the fans, but when Emeraldia needs its heavy-hitting flyers, they call us. Every Lightning has to be a capital-B Badass on top of being a top-class flier. So, to answer your question, THAT is exactly who we are.
Druid: Wow… That sounds perfect for your character…
Barbarian: Uh-huh…
Ranger: That’s it, Barb? Just “uh-huh”? For cryin’ out loud, I’m wanna ask if they have openings for wingless people.
Barbarian: No nonsense. Lots of fighting. Sounds… pretty perfect.
Ranger: That’s what we’re sayin’, sugarcube.
Barbarian: Like it’s been… tailor-made for me.
DM: Eheh… Well, y’know… In some respects…
Barbarian: No, no, I get it. I’m just the bruiser, right? No need to make things too complicated for me.
Wizard: Woah, wait a minute.
Rogue: Oh dear.
Barbarian: I’m just the dumb fighter. Can’t wrap my head around this roleplaying stuff…
Druid: What? No! How could you say that?
Bard: Doom spiral detected! DEPLOYING EMERGENCY HUG!!
Barbarian: Oof!
DM: …Did I miss something?
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