30 Nov 2020

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Question about English (US)

Recently I corrected a friend over the way he constantly kept replying to apologies with "Is fine".

As far as I'm aware, that's completely wrong, and should be always phrased as "It's fine" instead. I told him that it wasn't right because "It" was missing from the start of the sentence, and that I have never, ever seen natives replying to that question like that.

However, ironically, once I finished my explanation I closed with "Had to be done" without thinking about it, as I had had enough of his repeated mistake.

He pointed out to me that I had also omitted the pronoun, and I couldn't tell him why, but I'm certain that's correct, while "Is fine" isn't. Anybody has any concrete evidence on the matter? I tried searching online, but I guess it's much too basic a question to get quick results from.

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