1 Dec 2020

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Please, check my texts, how is it right?

Hello! My name is Christina and I would like to tell you a little about myself.
I`m 15 years old and I live in a very small town in Russia near Rostov-on-Don. I study at school in the 9th grade.
I have many things, which I like to do. For example, I`m keen on reading, special books by Jules Verne, making pretty cards with my own hands (it`s called scrapbooking, maybe you know), shooting videos and making short films about me, my life, my travels and more else. Also, I`ve finished dance school this summer so I like dancing. I had been dancing for eight years, but I don`t think that I want to continue to dance like professionals and do it all my life.

I have another hobby and it`s unusual – I like soap making. I don`t know if in your country this hobby is known, but I think that in Russia it`s really popular. I lead a group on Instagram where I show people my soap and sell it, especially for New Year and Mother`s day.
And, of course, I like English and traveling!
Every year I travel with my family to the Black sea. Usually, we stay in Sochi, Anapa or other cities. Also, we travel to the mountains. For example, we were in Karachay Cherkessia a month ago. But the most memorable traveling was my trip to St. Petersburg a year ago with my dance team. We took part in a dance competition and lived in a big hotel without our parents. I lived in one room with my best friend. It was a good experience for me. Now I dream of going abroad.

Finally, I`d like to tell you about my English.
Only this summer I understood that I love English language and began to study it seriously. Maybe I would have understood this before, but the boring school lessons killed all my motivation. Now when I started learning the language myself, I`ve already improved my skills. Of course, I`m not very good at English yet, but I will strive for my goal.

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