3 Dec 2020

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Topic: Should Japan do more to protect historic sites ?

I think that Japan should do more to protect historic sites. I have two reasons.

First, Japanese government should protect its historic sites for maintaining its traditional culture so that student can learning education not just from the text books. The historic sites are main culture for Japan. Without the historic sites, Japanese don’t know how the country was formed and how Japanese living style was. So I think that Japan should protect its historic sites.

Second, protect those sites can attract more foreign visitors than now. Nowadays there are over 10 million people visit Japan so if Japanese government protect historic sites number of visitors get improve more. Also if people especially for college students interested more they might live in Japan so that can help aging population problem too.

Therefore, I think that Japan should do more to protect historic sites.

I need 3rd paragraph to check grammar and opinion too !!

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