3 Dec 2020

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Question about German

Hi! I'd like to study Physiotherapy in Germany and I have a few questions about things that aren't really clear for me :) Thank you very much in advance for taking some time to help me :)

First of all, what's the difference between studying in a Hochschule or at the Uni? Do we get the same diploma at the end or is it different?
What's the difference between an Ausbildung in physiotherapy and Studium in physiotherapy? I saw both on a website and I don't understand the difference
Is the diploma we get at the end always valid to work in the whole UE?
Is it always possible to continue with a master at the end of the 3 years ?
Is there anything else I should know or be wary of about the physiotherapy schools in Germany? ^^'

Thank you so much in advance for helping me! 😊

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