3 Dec 2020

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my morning starts out at 4 am. the first thing that i always do is look in the mirror and forced myself to smile at myself. i dunno why it gives me a good start to my day and then i also open my blinds and make my bed so i am not tempted to crawl back into it and the next thing i do is into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. After that I fill up a big glass of water to drink. So once I have my water, I went to my room to study about foreign language. This is one of my favorite parts of morning routine, I love just getting to sit and read and write and relax and once I am done with that I will grab some workout clothes to do yoga at home.i love yoga because yoga can allows me to gain control over my thoughts.

could you correct my english grammar, is there any mistakes?

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[News] Hey you! The one learning a language!

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