4 Dec 2020

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Question about English (US)

: Alexandra is good in math; ___, she excels in English.
Select one:
a. in contrast
b. furthermore
c. for example
d. however
: 2 Email use has increased in the past 5 years. _____________, the use of the fax machine has declined.
Select one:
a. Moreover
b. Similarly
c. Contrastingly
d. In conclusion
3 I hurt myself with a big rock; _________, I went to the nurse to get ice.
Select one:
a. therefore
b. also
c. for example
d. nevertheless
: 4 I woke up late this morning. _______ I missed the bus.
Select one:
a. Consequently,
b. Accordingly,
c. Furthermore,
d. Finally,
5 Lisa decided not to go to Florida; _________, she said, "No way!"
Select one:
a. on the other hand
b. consequently
c. in contrast
d. in fact
: 6 Not all large creatures are meat eaters. _________ the elephant is vegetarian.
Select one:
a. For example,
b. As a result,
c. However,
d. Likewise,
Proper identification is necessary. _________, a driver’s license is acceptable.
Select one:
a. Similarly
b. In addition
c. In conclusion
d. For example

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