8 Dec 2020

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Question about English (US)

I take dictation of the lyrics of this song by a Japanese singer. Can you correct it?

Recall what once was found
Let me return
I'm lost in my own cloud
(*I hear her saying "crowd", but I think "cloud" would be more appropriate, given the title of the song "Identité de la lune (identity of the moon)" and the synopsis of the lyrics)
I ask and beg you to turn me around
I'm calling God on you
No vision comes to me but I'm alone
as hard as I reach (*I'm not sure what this line means)
And you know I'll never throw my body down
again before your throne

Come sleep tonight
Come down to me
And keep your face in a while

I'll take my hands and cast you a spell
on darkness spread on time like a dream
Just show your face
I won't turn mine
I'll take you in my arms alive
So seek and come to me again

I have no hope at all, not even one
to fade back and fall (*I'm not sure what this line means)
And if everything I steal(?)
Dims after dark
It would not change a thing

A broken rails
I'll say hello
Won't you reveal all you know

I'll take my heart and hide you tight(?)
and spread the light on time for both
You're sinking into my own mind
The world is howling for a while
I'll keep you warm with me again

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