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When the book review has to be written only in the 3rd point of view, how is the structure going to be like?

- I've watched a video describing how to write a book review, and I came to know that the book review described in that video is ok to be written in 1st point of view. BUT(I don't know why) my teacher wanted us to write only in the 3rd point of view, so I'm wondering what contents should be in the paragraphs.

ex) This is how the man in the video described.
Intro - something like hook and a brief description of the book or author
(main)Book structure - how the chapters support the author's argument/opinion
Highlight - the advantages of the book
Conclusion - to whom this book should be recommended.

My book is Gulliver's Travels, and I need to focus on what the author tried to satirize. How are the structures gonna be like ?(can you describe it like the example there)

Thank you so much and so much for hundred and hundred times ;-;

* In Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift satirized the recklessness, corruption, and arrogance of England politics and people in a pessimistic way. - it's my thesis statement. if you need it..?
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