17 Feb 2017

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I've been super lazy lately with studying, does anyone have any tips on how to keep going? or anyone to blame my laziness?
I don't have much time to study because Im a working mom with 2 sons.
I would travel Shanghai or Singapore this year.
I have to choose one of the two.
The reason to go there is simple.

Universal studio VS Disneyland

It's hard to choose..Singapore was really good when I visited before.
These days, I focus on learning Chinese so that I wonder China.

Anyways, I want to study very hard before my trip and I would like to be able to speak at a 3 year-old's level at least.

By the way, Singapore English pronoucation was difficult for me before.
It was very unique.I remember it was hard to have a conversation with natives met on traveling.
does this sound natural?

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