22 January

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Question about English (US)

‎Hello everyone!👋 Have a wonderful day!
Please, someone kindly could write 📝 a message for this person🙏.

The situation is:

Nobody wants to help me with my pronunciation or speaking and my confidence is zero.

I was talking in a group by accident because I only wanted to listen as always do ( when you have so many bad experiences you have a kind of trauma in your mind).

The person who wrote 📝 this message is not an English speaker. She is learning English like me.

She sent me a message in my inbox ✉️ to say she loves ❤️ my English voice and she wants to practice speaking with me.
++++++I WANTED TO write 📝 to her the message she wrote to me in the picture because I hate my English voice++++++++

I did not it because I thought it could be RUDE to say it to a kind person who wants to practice with me and she is a sweet girl 💃.

I AM telling her that her English is amazing because it is true, I don't know how to answer this message positively and nicely.

Thank you so much.

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  • English (US)

  • Spanish (Colombia) Near fluent
  • Spanish (Spain) Near fluent
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