27 January

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Question about English (US)

Hey guys! I need your help with my homework. It is an online test so I want you to correct every single fault I've made. Here is the 1st paragraph of my body essay:

On the one hand, there are several similarities between face-to-face learning and online learning. First, the teacher is the facilitator in both ways of learning. He or she organizes everything and leads the students to the the best way where they can easily learn what is important in the best way. Moreover, students have a big variety of instructional techniques while learning online as well as learning face-to-face. They can use the same materials like books, papers... and they can have the same schedule that organizes their time and work as it is necessary for them. Furthermore, students can do their work individually or in a group. So studying online is the same as studying face-to-face in this case, so students can do these kinds of homeworks and activities that allows them to understand more and enjoy learning new things.

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