13 February

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My sister and I had another fight about cleaning. This happens almost every weekend. The reason is that my sister leaves stuff laying around and never takes out the trash. She also doesn’t want to vacuum so she bought a roomba, but compared to a vacuum cleaner there are many places it can’t fit into! And besides, she’s so lazy she often doesn’t even have the energy to turn the roomba on. My sister is really an inconsiderate person. I try my hardest to close an eye on weekdays because she has work, but on weekends she has plenty of time. I’ll say it as many times as I need to: I’m not a maid! But if I don’t clean then things will stay messy for god-knows-how-long. All my sister does is eat snacks without throwing the empty bags away and watch movies in her room. It pisses me off 💢
She tells me “You’re just a guest so you cant complain”, but if I’m a guest, then treat me like one, asshole! 😡
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