29 Nov 2014

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Question about English (UK)


Could you please check my answers below? Are they correct?

Jim is telling his mother about his new flat. Fill in the gaps with some, any, a or an.

Mum Is there ___ANY_______ furniture?
Jim There is ___SOME_______ furniture. But I need ___AN_______ armchair.
Mum Well, it’s your birthday next week.
Jim Yes.
Mum What about ___A_______ shower?
Jim For my birthday?
Mum No! Has your flat got __A(or ANY?)__ shower?
Jim Oh, yes, of course. But it hasn’t got ___A(or ANY?)___ bath.
Mum Oh. And the kitchen? Have you got ___A(or ANY?)___ food?
Jim Yes, Mum! I’ve got _____SOME_____ cheese and _____SOME_____ bread.
Mum Cheese and bread? That isn’t much! And is there ____A(or ANY)____ TV?
Jim No, there isn’t. But I haven’t got ____ANY______ time to watch TV.
Mum Oh. So what shall I buy you for your birthday?
____A______ chair or ____A______ TV?
Jim Er, ____A______ TV, please.

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