25 February

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‎‎Is it natural? This is meant to be about a book I finished lately ~ 자연스러워요? 이것은 책리뷰입니땅! 고마워요

I don't typically like audio books, but I listened to the entire ten and a half hours in one sitting while doing some homework and laying in bed! I've always liked the movies and had been more interested in his back story because I felt like the movies never served (his name*) any justice, it was a tragically beautiful telling of the mythological history behind him and I love how it's told from his point of view..the narrator sounds just like him too🤗💓

I was genuinely in tears at some parts. This book gave me a better insight on his character and now I understand where all of his bitterness comes from, but also it's important to mention how the story did also shine a light onto his better and good sides to show that he does still have a heart, but it's just surrounded by hundreds of layers. I will definitely be reading the other parts in the series, and I'm excited for what else is to come!

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