27 February

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Question about Korean

Would you correct these sentences for me?

저는 말을 빠르게 합니다
I speak fast

할머니가 차를 느리게 마셔요
My grandma drink tea slowly

텔레비전이 좀 크게 해라
Please turn up the TV volume

너무 시끄러워,좀 크게 말해 주세요
It's super loud, please speak a little louder

좀 작게 노래를 불러주세요
Can you sing quieter?

쿠바의 여름은 진짜 더워요
Cubas's summer is really hot

나는 예뻐지?
네, 예뻐요
Am I pretty?
Yes, you are

쿠바에서 한국어 공부는 거 참 어려워요
It's quite difficult study Korean in Cuba

아침마다 운동을 30분 해요
I exercise 30 minutes every morning

주말마다 친구하고 놀라요
I hangout every weekend with my friends

오늘은 기분이 별로 안 좋아요
I'm not in a good mood today

아주 추워서 따뜻한 커피를 마셨어요
It was really cold so I took some hot coffee

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