4 March

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Question about English (US)

Hi, could someone look over the sentences below, and then correct them to sound natural? Thanks in advance!

A recent survey has revealed Missouri has the most stressed citizens in the U.S..
People in the state spend 3 hours 18 minutes in average on being worried, and the state was followed by Mississippi and West Virginia in the list.
Finances were the top stressor for Americans in 2020, and was followed by coronavirus and politics. Unemployment has still made people get frustrated in 2021.
On the flip side, the survey found many respondents have been trying to deal with their stress, turning to doing physical exercise, watching TV shows and movies. Out of the 48% said they have learned new ways to cope with stress since the pandemic started.
The survey conductor said that acknowledging stressful situations and discovering a simple means to deal with them are essential to spend our life to be wellness.

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