14 April

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Please help me I’m still fighting with a racist weirdo
(’A’ said “who’s that chinese?” towards Taehyung from BTS and he knew that Taehyung is Korean though. Then he was like “lol I was joking”. And now he’s acting like he didn’t mean to insult Taehyung since people came to him and told him “Stop being racist“)

A: I still wonder why being chinese should be considered an insult. This thing is crazy and out of this world and I will never use the word chinese to offend someone.

B: Chinese shouldn’t be considered an insult as you said. But there are lots of cases calling non-Chinese Asians “Chinese” to insult them and we know that it’s intend to insult someone as the context, the social backgrounds, and the way of saying. And you definitely know what you said was aim to insult and make fun of an Asian. You are literally lying. Please tell me what made you feel Taehyung looks Chinese if you’re not lying.

Can anyone make B’s part natural?

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