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21. High in the sky a……….of birds was flying southward.
A. pack B. swarm C. flock D. crowd

22. I usually listen to the weather…… , though I have little faith in it.
A. notice B. warning C. announcement D. forecast

23. The children……..a line, then walked quietly into school.
A. gathered B. stood C. formed D. performed

24. Since his retirement, Peter Smith, who was…….a teacher, has written four novels.
A. afterwards B. usually C. presently D. formerly

25. With the invention of the train, man could travel overland…….without the need of horses.
A. voluntarily B. freely C. independently D. readily

26. A strong westerly……..flattened the standing corn though it brought no rain. A. gale B. blizzard C.hurricane D.breeze

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