20 April

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Please correct this conversation and make it more natural.

A: Do you think there is a way to raise awareness about a minor but dangerous disease?

B: I just came up with one idea, which is to inform people how dangerous it is, like how many people died or how bad things happen if we have it. That kind of dangerous disease tends to be featured on the news and social media, and as a result, many people end up knowing it.

A: I agree with you. I think that is an effective way. However, I guess there is a possibility to violate a patient's privacy in that way. How about you?

B: Exactly. I'd say we should consider that point. Actually, if I have a minor disease, I would say "Please leave me alone. Don't say anything about myself on the internet.". I think a minor but dangerous disease should be recognized throughout the world, but I don't want to be an example of it. It may be selfish though.

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