23 April

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Question about English (US)

Could you please proofread and answer my questions?

1. The ball game will be on TV tomorrow at six in the morning/ The ball game will be on TV at six tomorrow morning.
2. Please be / get here at 2 o’clock.
3. It’s raining. Take out your umbrella. (Does it mean “Take out your umbrella from your bag or car or something else”?)
4. The train is at ten past eight. Please don’t be late.
5. A: What is in the box? B: A cake and three candles (are).
6. Take me home. (Does the word, home, here mean my home or your home?)
7. Lucy hardly ever / hardly watches television and rarely reads newspapers.
8. The traffic isn’t usually as bad as it was this morning/ as this morning.
9. Mary met a friend on the street. (I think it means Mary ran into a friend on the street. Am I right? Then, how about if I want to say Mary arranged a time and a place that is the street to meet her friend? Is it still that Mary met a friend on the street?)
10. Q: Where are you going for vacation? A: We don’t know yet/ We haven’t known yet.

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