23 April

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Question about English (US)

Hi natives:

Could you please proofread the following sentences and answer my questions?

11. She said she would be here an hour ago, but / and she still hasn’t come.
12. I wrote to him months ago and/but he still hasn’t replied.
13. I have just had lunch, and/but I am already hungry.
14. Because I had a lot of work to do / of my busy work, I couldn't see him.
15. You can get off a mini-bus anywhere / everywhere you want.
16. We were away / far / far away from (the) Earth a million miles.
17. We were a million miles away / far away from (the) Earth.
18. She is older than me (by) two years.
19. She is two years older than me.
20. He used bad language/ a bad language/ bad words.
21. He spoke foul languages/ foul language/ a foul language/ foul words.

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