27 Feb 2017

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Question about English (US)

This group is intended to share information related to the English language. Any unrelated posts will be deleted or not depending on their content.
In order to create a more friendly space, the following rules must be respected:

1) Please be polite and respect other people’s views. We will not tolerate rudeness or abuse. Any libellous or unpleasant posts/comments will be removed.

2) It's strictly forbidden to post personal photos.

3)It's forbidden to talk about issues related to politics and religion.
(Remember that there are people from different countries in the group)

4) People who post pornography and spam will be permanently banned.

5)If you feel that someone from the group harasses you by private let us know.

6)Offensive or inciting posts will be eliminated and the person who did so will be eliminated.

7) Follow the rules :D

Thank you!
does this sound natural?

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English (US)

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