11 May

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Please fix my sentences

I started to study English seriously a year and half ago. I didn’t speak English at all before going to study abroad. At first when was in Canada. I couldn’t talk with them in English and then I always wrote it on papers. I like English, I want to improve my English skills like speaking English fluently. I am in Japan now, I think I’m losing my English skills because I don’t have a chance to use English. Foreign tourists don’t come to japan now and I don’t travel somewhere. I can’t keep my motivation to learn English so I decided to take a exam which is called TOEIC. I’ve never taken it before so I don’t know how to take it , study it. I think it’s kinds of different between I studied English and TOEIC English. I’ve never been transaction, contract or something like this in English. I have to remember a lot of words. Also I have to get used to British English.

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