13 May

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Korean spouse(3)

I talked about korean husbands' general traits last time. I'll tell you some general traits of Korean wives this time. They're quite dependent unlike western women who are ambitious and enthusiastic about their career. They think they are Cinderella. They're just looking forward prince who is willing to make them socially promoted. But it doesn't mean that they don't effort anything. They have plastic surgery, put makeup, take time on fashion and go to uni, which is for flirting to well-paid men. According to Korean national stastics department, over 50% of married women are unemployed. And most of them responded that don't want to back to work even if their kids are grown up enough to stay alone at home. Because it is their goal of life. To them, the reason of marrige is only to live playing around, going shopping and having gossiping with friends by her husband's money. They won't work. They even won't do housework even though they're housewife. They just try to dominate like lord.

is this writing correct and natural?
please fix my writing:)
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