14 May

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Question about English (US)

Does this poem sound natural?

I am convinced that you do not get to choose your muses

They are chosen for you

You simply must not ask by who

By then you won't even care

There is nothing short to delve into

Beauty that has been touched 

Mostly untouched

You will find yourself in a maze in their name 

With every step 

Another blank canvas unravels

You are missing something about them

When does one even stop? 

Now confess

You signed up for a lifelong pursuit 

We eventually lose ourselves to our muses

Our senses are overwhelmed

That is our drive

The canvas expands

You start to run out of colors

Or do colors just not dazzle as much as they did?

You start to panic

You've got another problem

The smell of ink brings them to mind

Now they fill the room

Oh yes, you are under their spell

Let me spill one last thing

There is a hidden pleasure to keeping a muse secret

As you will find

Should they all be secret? 

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